Thursday, April 10, 2014

Orvis Portland Spring Orvis Days - April 13th Don't Miss Out!!!

Once again I copy and pasted from the Orvis News, but I am sure they won't mind me trying to send more people to the store. Check out this great event, and there are some serious good deals going on as well! Don't miss this opportunity to score on some equipment!!
Receive 20% off full-price items – offer good this ONE DAY IN THE SHOP only. 20% off valid at Orvis Portland retail store only. Valid on full-priced items only. Offer not valid on purchase of merchandise at, or through the outlet stores, sale events, or catalogs. Not valid with any other promotional offer. Limit one offer per customer. No cash value. Offer valid on merchandise purchases only. Offer not valid on previous purchases. Not valid on sale items.

9-11am: Fly Fishing 101. Learn the fly-fishing basics.
12-1pm: Carp fly-fishing expert John Montana from Carp on the Fly.
12-2pm: Food by Pine Shed Ribs!
1-2pm: Bea Armstrong of Deschutes River Conservancy discusses their ongoing projects in the Deschutes River and its tributaries
2-3pm: Cullen Weisenhunt from Deep Canyon Outfitters explores fishing the upcoming Salmonfly hatch.

Questons? Contact Orvis Portland at (503) 598-7680.

Orvis Retail Store – Portland, OR
Bridgeport Village
7495 SW Bridgeport Road
Tigard, OR 97224

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bitterroot Fishing While At The OGR14 / Fishing Manager Meeting

Orvis just had our fishing manager meeting along with the OGR14 (Orvis Guide Rendezvous 2014) at Missoula, Montana. We had lots of training, seminars, interaction with the ELOGs, and a whole lot more. We were so lucky as fishing managers to be able to fish for one of the days on the itinerary of the trip, and the group of four I was part of, chose to fish a braided stretch of the Bitterroot River.  The fishing was not as good as the reports we heard from the previous days, but we manged to tap into some of the fine specimens the river has to offer. The weather was awesome, and the scenery was stunning.
Lee fishing a nice run
Lee probing the fly in a likely bucket
Casting away....
That famous "Big Sky" Montana scenery
The scenery was a wide low gradient valley surrounded by snow capped peaks
We witnessed a controlled field burn, & it was rather cool to see how dialed in the operation was
A nice rainbow fell to the restless stone tied in Skawala colors
The Restless Stone pinned in this bow's grill....
Lunch time after a long haul up and down the river with Brian, Lee, and Dave....
This nice Brown fell to the Royal Chubby fished on a current's edge....
Time to head back and man the Pro Shop at the OGR14.....
Some of the Bitterroot Mountains on the ride back....

Monday, March 10, 2014

Learn to Fly Fish with Orvis

This is a wonderful offer you can't miss out on if you have been thinking about getting into fly fishing!!!

I have literally copy and pasted this whole blurb below from the website, and I don't think Orvis will mind that I am sharing this with all of you readers. Please share this with friends who do not fly fish, and seem jealous that you do. 

Come By Orvis Portland to sign up, or visit your closest store that offers FF101's & 201's if you live too far away from the Portland metro area.

Fly Fishing 101 & 201
Class spaces are limited. Call or stop by to reserve a spot.
Fly Fishing 101
Learn fly-fishing basics in one of our free Fly Fishing 101 classes. Perfect for beginners of all ages, the Fly Fishing 101 course includes free lessons on fly casting and outfit rigging.
April: 19 and 26
May: 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31
June: 7 and 14
Fly Fishing 201
If you’ve already completed Fly Fishing 101, you’re ready for the next step. Join us for a short outing on local water and a chance to catch your first fish! A nominal fee for the outing may apply

May: 4 and 18
June: 8

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cabin Fever Getting You......? It's Getting Me.....

High water has been the trend as of late.....
Water levels have zig-zagged up and down with lots of consistent rain...
Don't you wish you were on the lower Deschutes in August swinging wet flies on a floating line....

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Trophy Winter Steelhead Video

When I was out on January 30th, I lucked out and landed the biggest steelhead to hand so far. I have tussled with fish like this, but something always went wrong causing the fish to not physically get landed. The other fish I have seen of this caliber are fish that clients hooked up with on guided trips; so my time for a trophy steelhead of a lifetime was due. This time, all of the forces came together, and I finally landed my trophy steelhead. The video is long, but I did edit a lot of the battle, and some "excited in the heat of the moment" foul language. I kept much of the fight because you can really see what this fish caused me to go through while battling it. Between running upstream and catching my fly line around a rock in the rapids, to getting stuck on a underwater set of branches, enduring a stalemate in a tailout, to just flat out whooping my butt; this big bad mean winter steelhead really was an amazing experience. The video is edited between the "point of view" perspective on a GoPro camera flipping back to another "view point" with a hand held camera of me fighting the fish. The time is meshed back and forth; so you can feel most of the battle. I hope you enjoy the video!

Fly Fishing Film Tour 2014 - Portland Show - New Date Due to Weather

Due to the crazy storm, the Fly Fishing Film Tour's Portland Shows at the Aladdin Theater have been changed to February 15th. The show times are still 5pm and 8pm. Tickets can be purchased at the Portland Orvis Store ($13/each), along with two other locations ($13/each), online ($15/each advance), and also at the door ($15/each DOS). If you purchased tickets for the show on the 8th; they are good for the 15th show.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Winter Steelhead Quick Report and Pics

All of the low water from a recent drought in western Oregon has made many anglers feel a loss of chrome mojo. Luckily that dry weather pattern during the rainy season has ended (at least temporarily). We had a nice system pass through, and it raised many of the coastal rivers to levels where the fishing has been good for the last few days, and should remain good until the rivers bottom out again, or we get another system to freshen the water back again. The good news is that the rains brought fish in, and the fishing has been good out there. The best news was that I was rewarded with the largest winter steelhead I have caught thus far, and it gave the hardest battle possible before I managed to somehow land it. Get yourself out there and hunt for some chrome!!!
Ryan landing his first steelhead on his new switch rod.....
Ryan showing off his first steelhead caught......
This awesome buck tore me to shreds in the most hardcore battle possible. Feeling the rewards!!
Sea Run Cutts were incidentally eating the trout beads, and would set off a false steelhead bite alarm!
What a chrome "egg wagon" of a steelhead!
Setting this hen steelhead off to complete her mission......

Friday, January 24, 2014

Fly Fishing Film Tour Tickets For Sale at The Portland Orvis Store

Are you planning to see the 2014 Fly Fishing Film Tour on February 8th at the Aladdin Theater on February 8th? Stop by the Portland Orvis Store to pick up your tickets for either the 5pm or 8pm showtimes.
 Tickets cost $13 at the Portland Orvis Store

Fly Fishing Film Tour 2014
February 8th - 5pm or 8pm
Aladdin Theatre
3017 SE Milwaukeee Ave
Portland, OR, 97202

I Love Fishing in Warm Weather.......

While the rivers are really low, and the people are complaining about the lack of quality winter steelhead fishing........
Winter makes me want to be doing this........

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Still Two Spots Available - Fly Tying 301 Class - Advanced Fly Tying - Winter Steelhead Flies

There are still two spots available to sign up for the advanced fly tying class. The class is through the Portland Orvis Store, and it is a Fly Tying 301 Class where the focus is on tying winter steelhead swinging patterns. Stop by the Portland Orvis Store to sign up, or call 503-598-7680 to get signed up over the phone.
Winter Steelhead Fly Patterns like this are enjoyable to tie, & they will produce for you as well.

Winter Steelhead of a Lifetime!!

Right before the rains happened, and everyone was complaining about having no water, my two friends Ethan Nickel and Brandon Bischof were both out fishing with another friend Dar Isensee. They have seen lots of steelhead during their lives, but neither has ever seen a fish like before. Not until this day, when the steelhead gods answered what every fly angler wants to see at the end of their line. Woo Hoo!! Nice Catch!!
Fly anglers often fish there whole lives and never get to touch a steelhead like this one.
Ethan has caught loads and loads of steelhead, but he has not landed one like this before.
This handsome winter buck measured at 40"long x 20"girth


Location:  On the Sandy River 

When:  Classes available February 8 or February 22nd
Purpose of Class:  Learn the basics of casting and fishing with spey rods for winter steelhead. Reading water, selecting flies, and choosing the right lines and sink tips will all be covered.
This class will be limited to 3 students per class. We will float 5 miles of the Sandy River, and practice casting on both river left, and river right banks.  During the boat ride we will learn how to choose good water for spey fishing that holds steelhead.
This is not a guided fishing trip. This class is designed to teach people the basics of fly fishing for winter steelhed with a spey rod.
What You Will Need:  Spey rods will be provided, but if you have your own please bring it.  Chest high waders and boots will be required, and a valid Oregon fishing liscense with Columbia River Basin Endorsement & steelhead tag. 
When is the Class Time:  Class will meet at 8:00 a.m. at Lewis and Clark Park  (in Troutdale) and finish up around 2:00 p.m.  
Cost:  Price is $100 per student & each class is limited to 3 students
Instructor:  Call Brandon Bischof at 541-977-2796 to sign up for the class.
Sandy River Steelhead

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fly Fishing for Bonefish, Tarpon, & Permit........

If catching bonefish, tarpon, and permit in a tropical paradise setting is something you have been wanting to do, then you should join me in Belize where I will be staying at El Pescador for the Belize Bonefish Bonanza from October 27th-31st.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Important Article to Read on Our Fisheries!!!

Make sure you read this!! It will most likely affect where you fish in Oregon on the coast rivers ......
An example of smolts being planted into a river with a pipe from a hatchery truck

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fly Tying 301 Class: Advanced Fly Tying - Winter Steelhead Flies

We are offering a Fly Tying 301 Class at the Portland Orvis Store. The class will be an advanced fly tying class focusing on winter steelhead patterns for wet fly swing type presentations. The class will be four sessions on Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. The dates for the class are January 29th, February 5th, February 12th, and February 19th. The class will have a maximum of 6 students to sign up until it is full. You will pay $100 for the class, and the cost includes a bag of all of the necessary materials to tie the patterns during the classes (actual materials cost a little over $100 in retail value alone plus the instruction). You will definitely have more fly tying materials to play with at home besides the class time. Instruction is provided during the class to show you how to tie winter steelhead patterns that involve different materials and techniques. You will be making articulated hooks to then tie your patterns on. We will not be tying egg patterns and nymphs; so this class is specialized for those swing fishers who love to hunt chrome.
Tying winter steelhead flies with materials like ostrich produces fish & they are enjoyable to tie.
Dates:  January 29th, February 5th, February 12th, & February 19th
Time: 7:30 - 9:30pm
Location: Portland Orvis Store
Cost: $100 per student
Includes: All of the tying materials for the class (a grab bag of all of the necessary materials to tie in the class, and the instruction during the class time. 
Participation: The class will be limited to 6 students

How to sign up:
Stop by the Portland Orvis Store to sign up, or call us at (503) 598-7680 to sign up.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Amazing and Affordable Spey Rod

Recently Orvis has been fine tuning the new Clearwater Spey Rods, and now they are out and ready to fish with. I am really stoked on the action of these rods, and the cosmetics are also really sweet. The cork is really nicely done with a super slim diameter, and the rods are light as a feather. 

Click on the link to check one out:
Clearwater 13' 7wt 4pc Fly Rod
 Come by your local Orvis retail store to pick one up!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Recent Fishing Pictures (Salmon & Winter Steelhead)

Sorry for the lack of entries for the last few weeks. I have been fishing on my days off and it has been good out there. Here are some pics from the last couple of outings I had fishing with friends. One day was from winter steelheading on 12/18 with my friends Ethan Nickel and Scott Nelson. The other days were from fall Chinook Salmon fishing on 12/9 & 12/10 with my friends Ethan Nickel and Brandon Bischof. Both fishing adventures were very worth while; especially since it was during the cold spell for the salmon fishing, and during a low water spell with cold weather for the steelheading.
Scott with a fish that really ripped off some line on the grab, and fought a long hard battle.
Ethan displaying Scott's first landed winter steelhead of the day; which took a deeply swung black and red pattern.
My first official winter landed winter steelhead of the 2013/14 season. Woo Hoo!!
The fins underwater on this fish show how super salty fresh this winter steelhead is....
Winter steelhead love holding in deep green bedrock slots like this one
This chromer made my fly line zig zag all around the pool while running all over the place
A prime example of a super salty fresh chrome bright native wild winter steelhead
10wt rods ready for fall Chinook Salmon
Much better than being home in the icy cold weather that struck western Oregon's valley areas....
Ethan admiring the first landed fall Chinook of the day
Clouser minnows are the go to fly for tide-runner fall Chinook
Ethan on tight to a nice salty fresh chromer on the second day of fishing
Brandon sipping some warm tea while Ethan & this Chinook have an enduring battle.
Ethan wearing out this salmon, but the salmon is not giving in easily....
Or is the salmon wearing out Ethan.......
Well it looks like Ethan won this battle with the salmon, and the Clouser minnow was the culprit again.
Hoisting up this gorgeous fall Chinook salmon; so we could check it out and admire it....
Catching fish like this when everyone is dealing with a cold snap is certainly the way to go......
The little make Chinook fought hard and put some serious bend into the 10wt Helios2.
Another fall Chinook that decided to attack the Clouser Minnow.
Ethan was surprised when this fish took the stripped clouser, cartwheeled airs, and turned out to be a winter steelhead.