Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcome to my Website!!

Welcome to my new website!! I am really excited to get this blog rolling, and I am hoping I will get a lot of people bookmarking this site.
Lower Deschutes Rainbow Trout
South Coast Fall Chinook
There will be plenty of fishing reports to check out, because I try and document where I am fishing at and what was going on for the day. Typically I will post up photos and video content of the day's fishing events. I will also put up informational entries like fly tying videos, topics like product reviews, and equipment/fishing technique discussions. 

Smallie taken on "Mr Wiggles"
My typical fly fishing would be going for trout or steelhead, but I really love fly fishing for just about any species that is willing to take a fly. Many times of the year rivers for trout or steelhead can be too high, too low, too cold, too warm, or it's too bright out, and conditions can make it not the best option out there to choose to fly fish for one of the two species. Many anglers simply give up and say, "It's too low and warm out there; so I'm not going fishing." In the meantime, you can be out there catching one of these......

Summertime Doldrums Bluegill
Steelhead are the species I have the most passion for, and I enjoy nothing more than putting a person who has never caught one on a fly rod into their first fish. Nothing feels better than to see the look on someone's face when they see their first successfully landed steelhead. It is super rewarding being a part of the whole experience and I really enjoy guiding people for steelhead
First Steelhead Caught - McKenzie River
Obviously I like to catch steelhead on my free time too....

Filbert and I admiring a winter chromer
Traveling to the tropics is what I have the least experience in, and I would really love to build my saltwater resume up with fish like bonefish, GT's, a permit or several, snook, redfish, roosterfish, and a whole lot more. What I have done so far was a blast, and that is simply the reason to want to pursue more tropical saltwater fly fishing. Even the smaller fish feel like they are huge, and make a reel scream like you are hooked on a car.

Bluefin Trevally
Basically, I love fly fishing, and really enjoyed being involved in it any way that I can. Whether I am out fishing for fun, guiding someone into their first steelhead ever, or witnessing a blanket caddis hatch with clients while we are trying to figure out what the trout will be taking; I am totally stoked on this wonderful sport we have. Time to go hit the Clackamas river for some fly fishing!


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