Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Carp Time! Fly Fishing the Carp Flats

Carp fly fishing is something that I did not pay much attention to when I had lived down in Eugene, but when I moved up to Portland things changed. I knew there were plenty of areas where these weary fish lurk around, and I also knew that it is a relatively underground fishery. One of my favorite things is to tap into a underexploited fishery; so I can see what potentials there are, and sometimes you get "hooked" on something new. It turns out that I am totally into carping out in the flats, and it is probably one of the most technical fisheries that exists.

When I have been going out, the fish have been cruising along the shallows, and they are rooting out looking for bugs & crayfish. They are super weary, and you basically are spooking them when you are standing 40 feet back from the water; so you have to more or less walk are slug speed. That is one of the main things to success, and also realizing you have to have ultimate patience while waiting for them to start feeding around you.

When you get into position finally, you then have to cast accurately and gently too. When you get the good cast into where you want it to be, then you have to present the fly, and that is determined by the pattern you are using. Some flies have to escape prey; while others need to sit dead as a doornail on the bottom. If you are fishing a crayfish, it'll swim away when a predator moves into the area. When you are fishing an aquatic worm pattern; you must have it sit on the bottom perfectly; without any movement. The rewards are awesome! The fish fight a relentless strong and sturdy battle. They are rather larger, and seem to average at least 3-4 pounds and can get to be 20 pounds and larger. They challenge the best of anglers, and you are fishing a similar style to something like Louisiana redfish marshes; except you have not even left the state. It is a great avenue for the fly fisher looking for something very different.

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