Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cold and Off Up By Warm Springs - Deschutes River Salmonfly Hatch

On the way back from Bend, Oregon to my my hometown of Portland, we decided to swing into the Warm Springs Boat ramp to see the scene. It was peaceful and no cars in the lots showing signs of any fishing going on. After close observation along the banks, there were no adult salmonflies in the grass or in the trees at all. I do know they are down at Maupin, and I can say first hand that they are not up by Warm Springs yet. It is early there, and the only flies we saw were some blue winged olives flying off the water; with no trout paying attention to them at all.

Flows were slightly high, and water color was not the standard Deschutes color that you normally see. I would classify the water as a bit greener and murkier than standard Deschutes water color. The weather was holding up around Warm Springs, but it was rather nasty in central Oregon today.  Temperature was in the upper 50s, and it was hard to imagine that in two weeks we will be in the thick of it, and nice days may be around the corner.

Deschutes River below Warm Springs

The time will be soon when you can throw the big bugs all over the Deschutes from Maupin on up to Warm Springs, but as of now the action is lower down, and on its way up.....

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  1. Good stuff Brian.

    I enjoy your pics and vids from McKenzie. Heading back down there for Fathers day weekend for a family trip. Gonna be in the Holiday Farm area again.