Friday, May 27, 2011

Deschutes Fly Patterns for Salmonfy - Stonefly Hatch - Tying the Clark's Stone

One of my favorite fly patterns to fish during the Deschutes stonefly hatch is the Clark's Stone. It is more or less a golden stonefly impersonator, and it does an awesome job of fooling large rainbows. It cast very easily, and it floats well, even though there is not much to the fly. The body is not even really on the hook, and it is a yarn underwing that mimics the stonefly's body; while the hook is coated with gold mylar to catch the attention of the fish. Only then will it have to make a full on collision coarse to the offering; since it is too irresistible for a rainbow to deal with. On top of that, if you tie it correctly, it is super durable, and you can fish it fish lots of brutal fights. I have had trips where I have used the same Clark's Stone for about 2 days to then have the collar hackle break and then I would put on a different pattern for fun. 

Recipe For Clark's Stone:
HOOK - Spear It cs200 Size #8
THREAD - Flymaster 140 Denier Plus - Yellow or Fl. Orange
BODY - Mylar - Gold - Medium
UNDERWING - Poly-Bear - Orange & Yellow
WING - Yearling Elk Hair
DUBBING - Fine & Dry Dubbing - Stonefly Orange (for collar only)
HACKLE - Whiting 100's Hackle - Brown

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