Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Deschutes Report - Quick One - More Details Later...

Just literally got back from the Deschutes after camping and fishing for the last 4 days. We floated from Trout Creek to Harpham Flat, and it was good fishing and very low on the people count. Either the weather predictions scared everyone away, or the economy and gas prices kept people away. Nonetheless, we had good fishing and barely saw anyone else out except for a more family oriented rafting type of a crowd.

The fishing on Saturday the 28th was totally awesome, and the fish were destroying surface stonefly presentations like candy. There were pmds, green drakes, some caddis, golden stones and salmonflies. I fished a chubby norm and has awesome action on it. Also used Clark's Stone and got a lot of fish on it. It was one of those days where you caught a lot of fish in a lot of spots. Many casts with fish on.

Sunday the 29th was good, but not quite as epic as Saturday. A lot of good stonefly action, but not many surface feeding rises, but they would come up to the fly in many of the spots. Fish were on the same bugs as Saturday.

Monday the 30th was very good, and definitely better than the day before, but still did not surpass the action on Saturday. Fishing was really good though, and fish would come up to surface offerings with great regularity, but there was not a lot of action from live bugs and feeding fish.

Tuesday (today) the 31st was the slowest day, but the fishing was pretty good with blind fished presentations of Chubby Norms and regular Norm Wood's Specials (all I tried). Nymphing was kind of slow, but some fish were into it, but I ended up just fishing dries.

I will give a more detailed report with pics and all of that later. Just wanted to give the first hand latest report from the empty but fishing very well river.

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