Wednesday, May 18, 2011

McKenzie River Trout Report

On Tight - McKenzie River Redside
The McKenzie River is fishing well despite the high flows we have had this spring. As of late, the river is fishing well from up high all the way down to the mouth. This is the time frame where the entire river will fish well, and with the higher cold flows, the lower river should span its productive fishing window later into the season. Normally it shuts down sometime in early June when we get the first heat spell. This year may be another story, where the fishing may stay strong down on the lower McKenzie well into June. Only time will tell....

Lower McKenzie River Trout Fishing
The interesting thing about this season is how long the March Browns have been going for. They have still been coming off with significant hatches, along with pale morning duns, and the occasional green caddis. The green caddis hatch has not really gone full throttle yet; although the fish are eating the green caddis wet flies with regularity. When it gets going, fishing will really get good, and this is the latest it has been without the green caddis hatching in full effect since I have been fishing the river. While we are waiting for the green caddis hatch to come on harder, the fishing has been strong most of the days with solid nymphing and fair to good wet fly action. The higher flows are keeping the average anglers off the river, but fish live in water and have to eat. They do well with higher flows, and the trick is getting to them. Having a drift boat is clutch when the river has a year like this, but when you get out there; you'll find plenty of probable water to find large trophy rainbows holding in.
McKenzie Rainbow Taken on Royal Coachman Wet

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