Friday, May 27, 2011

Tying a Favorite Deschutes Stonefly Pattern - Norm Woods Special - Video Demonstration

When fishing the lower Deschutes for the salmonfly / stonefly hatch event, there are some proven fly patterns that many experienced Deschutes anglers would have high on their list. The Norm Woods Special is a fly pattern that may be the highest on many people's list of proven patterns to bring for the Deschutes stonefly extravaganza. It is more or less a stimulator gone different, and that is with the wing and often it has no tail. I would simplify my statement and I would say that the Norm Woods Special is a calf tail stimulator with no tail on the fly. That is what separates it from the standard Kaufmann's Stimulator. For whatever reason (the wing color and body color - most likely), large wild rainbow trout love eating this fly, and it is a must for your arsenal.

Below is a video demonstration for tying this awesome fly pattern:

Recipe For Norm Woods:
HOOK - Spear It cs200 Size #8
THREAD - Flymaster 140 Denier Plus - Yellow or Fl. Orange
WING - Calf Tail - Tan or Light Orange
DUBBING - Fine & Dry Dubbing - Golden Stone
HACKLE - Whiting 100's Hackle - Brown
RIBBING - Fine Gold Wire

The Norm Woods Special is a standard fly you should have in your fly box for any golden stonefly situation. It has proven itself over and over as a true trout catcher. Tie up for your Deschutes stonefly fly fishing trip, and you will see some vicious takes!

Norm Woods Special - Picture from Spirit River

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