Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fly Fishing Presentation - Trout Unlimited - Eugene Oregon Chapter

Golden Stonefly - Deschutes River
This evening (June 8th) I will be doing a presentation at the Eugene Veterans Building for the local Trout Unlimited Chapter. The presentation will be a video format, and I will be playing two to three short videos during my presentation time. The first video will be from my last trip down the Deschutes during the stonefly hatch. It documents the trip's highlights, and gives people who have never experienced it, an idea of what they are missing out on. The other video will be on Carp Flats Fishing, and it will display the wonderful and untapped carp fishery that exists around the Portland metro area. A super "fish porn" carp video it is, and you'll be surprised at how many huge grins you'll see on the faces of the anglers in the video. If there is time for a third video, I'll be showing a short video on a day guiding on the McKenzie this spring, but that is dependent upon the allotted time I have for my presentation. Come and see the videos if you are in the Eugene / Springfield area!
Common Carp - PDX
Eugene Trout Unlimited Club Meeting
Wednesday June 8th at 7:00pm
Eugene Veterans Building
1626 Willamette Street, Eugene, Oregon 97401

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