Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In Pursuit of Those Giant Carp.....

Carp Caught Just Outside Of Portland City Limits
I am off to check out those massive sized carp that reside east of Portland. When I first saw those giant carp of the Columbia, I was practically trembling. Time to bust out the larger rod with a fighting butt; since these fish can breach the 20 pound mark quite often. The Columbia carp are a whole other ballgame compared to the carp that are just outside of the city limits where you can manage them on a 4-6 wt rod. The water is more clear east of Portland for the carp fishing, and the fish run bigger more or less every time you run across one. The caveat is that you have to drive a ways to get to them, but any fish over 20 pounds that will rip your fly line in a super sturdy fashion is well worth it. Also when you are getting multiple shots at 20+ pound fish, then drive is no big deal. Especially when the fights top most gamefish of the lower 48, when you feel some serious authority when they want to take off on you. Lets hope I can post something impressive after this outing. We'll see......


  1. Hey Brian,
    was that you out at "that spot just outside of PDX" on 6/20?


  2. When I was a kid in WI guys would shoot them with a compound bow with the fiberglass tethered arrow getup. I saw some 30 and 40 lb fish taken this way.