Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun Two Handed Casting Strokes on a Switch Rod

Check out this short clip of two handed fishing on a switch rod. My friend Clay and I went fishing on Monday, and I filmed him casting on his switch rod. The rods are fun; since you can apply two handed or single handed techniques to them. This is some NW two handed style fishing displayed in the video clip.
For those of you who do not own a switch rod; I highly recommend getting one. It is an awesome piece of equipment to use, and to have in your arsenal. Both Clay and I were saying how you can get a switch rod as your primary steelhead fly fishing rod, and it would be a wonderful choice. Many people think a two handed/spey rod is all you need nowadays, but with a switch rod; you still have many properties of a single hander. You can do what a spey rod does and also what a single handed rod will do, and all in one rod. Hard to find a rod that will do everything, but you can really do a lot of fly fishing applications with a switch rod.

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  1. Nice. what line was Clay using? So difficult to find the proper match...