Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Umpqua River Smallmouth Bass Video

This video has been a total dilemma to get online. I had it up on YouTube and it would not display due to copyright issues with the music I downloaded with it. The solution I ended up coming up with was to download it to YouTube in a Part I and Part II version, and I ended up downloading the free YouTube music; so I could avoid copyright issues again. This way I can share the fun outing my friend Brian and I had on July 25th. It is kind of old news now, and I like to report the most up to date fishing reports. This is simply going to be a watch and enjoy video. Check it out hooked up to the big screen and sit back on the couch. The combined time of the two videos (which combined makes the entire video) is over 24 minutes. Enjoy!

It has been a cooler summer, but we will have a heat spell sometime (I assume); so if you would like to go on a smallmouth bass fly fishing guided trip, then call me at (541)-232-6360 or email me at fish@mckenzieangler.com.

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