Thursday, September 1, 2011

Deschutes Winds and Dust....... Chromers in Between the Wind Gusts....ASp

Spey Casting in 40+ MPH Wind Gusts during a Dust Storm on the Deschutes
 The past couple of days on the lower Deschutes was nothing short of WINDY. We got blown around, our casts were diverted to targets not planned on, and the dust filled the air at times. Was it fun.....? Somehow yes..... At times, it was downright miserable though. Try casting into the wind when it is coming at you, then coming upstream, then downstream, then behind you. Try floating your boat down in the river in it also. Try to pick up your buddy downriver from you only 15 yards, but the winds are ripping so hard where you simply can't. My arms are soar, and from just keeping the oars planted into the current to keep the boat tracking. Casting was nearly impossible at times, and it was not a matter of snap T's and double speys. It was about somehow getting it out there, and making the fly swing across the current. At times the fly would not swing because the upstream wind was so stiff where it caused the surface current to blow upstream also. We then simply put on the Thingamabobbers then; so we could get some form of a presentation.

Displaying a nice hatchery Deschutes River Steelhead
 The fishing was slow the first day for us, but I did manage to get a very memorable fish that absolutely torched me, and literally went about 150 feet into my backing on the second run. It was literally only about 4 pounds too, and wild as can be. There are lots of small wild fish out there right now, and also many fish with gill net marks on them.
Tight Line on a steelhead during the sunshine
 The second day was filled with so much wind; to the point where we fished less hard than the day before.  It was simply too annoying at times to challenge yourself to cast with the swirling extreme winds, and dust blowing around. We did run into two friends on the river, and we hung out and fished a run that produced for us very well. Between my buddies Jim and Brian, they hooked several chromers all withing a short while; indicating a slug of fish was moving through the spot. All in all a fun trip, but the wind was a horror, and I will have to get back out there to get a less windy session in.

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