Sunday, December 4, 2011

Quick Trout Report 12-3-11

Cold & foggy, but tight to a winter trout
 Yesterday I took out two regular clients of mine for some winter trout action. The weather was cold, foggy, and I think it never breached 40 degrees. We caught trout throughout the day, but it was not a fast paced day of catching. We caught fish here and there, but there were times when we did not see action, and just when we were about to lose hope, the indicator would plunge down.
Golden stone nymph in rainbow's mouth
 Fish were taken nymphing and we did not fish dries at all. We saw a few rises on blue winged olive mayflies, but nothing to get the fish going on the surface consistently. One fish was taken on a swung softhackle, but fishing with a beadhead nymph was the most productive way to take fish out there. The Possie Bugger, a large rubber legged prince, and golden stone were the best producers out there. At day's end, both Rose and Dave were happy about the results of the fishing and being out on the river. Catching trout in the winter is much better than sitting on the couch!
Possie Bugger took this winter trout

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