Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oregon North Coast Winter Steelhead Video

Once in a while the planets actually line up, and fishing situations all come together. Recently Nicole and I had a day off, there happened to be poor snow conditions (because she loves her cross country skiing over anything), and the potential for good winter steelheading was lining up. The water level on a river she and I like to fish at was going to be perfect on the day we had off together, and the weather prediction was rather nice for the wintertime in western Oregon. What a deal!
On tight to a large winter steelhead - Oregon Coastal River
Nikki also thinks winter steelhead are sort of mythological too, because everyday that she has tried for them, the fishing was a total dud. She has seen me lose one fish after a little fight, and also saw me lose one to a frayed tipped on a swing last winter, and that is all in regards to her winter steelheading. Granted she only went 3 times last winter, and we got rained out on one of them, and the other two days I had one hookup each time with no landing as I just mentioned. She has thrown well over the 1000 casts and swings it supposedly takes to hook up with one of those fairy tail chromers. She has also dead drifted her share of glo bugs, clowneggs, Fox's Fertilizers, and other egg patterns under Thingamabobbers with better dead drift precision than most avid angler can do. She has caught summer run steelhead, but no winter fish yet, and this was going to be the day. I knew she would at least get to see one on the end of a line whether it was her rod or my rod. Luckily, we had good fishing, and we shot some footage from the day. I hope you enjoy it, and set aside some time since it is about 18 minutes long.

Well it turns out that Nikki ended up filming me a lot, and watched me fish more than she fished. I also got to fish the best spots, and that is because she is so awesome to me, and wanted me to get my fill of winter steelhead action out there. She pulled in a total pig sized male steelhead, and it was the largest fish successfully landed of the day. At least now winter steelhead are not mythological anymore when we are both able to go fishing together.
Landing mode on a winter steelhead.......


  1. Awesome day of fishing-- the fish that takes off around 9:50 is awesome

  2. Come on, who has a day like that. was there really only one other angler caught on camera? No where around here can you get fishing like that and have nobody else around. I can see why you moved up north.