Monday, January 23, 2012

Today may have that mini gap of chrome opportunity.......

Small Creek Winter Steelhead Taken From Stormy Time in 2011
Storm is predicted for Tuesday, and it is supposed to be another whammy for precipitation. Water levels today on the tiny little creeks would be most likely perfect. Most do not have gauges; so you have to speculate on the levels, but when looking at the existing gauges on neighboring rivers, you can guess and be right a lot of the time. With these smaller systems, you have to get out there on the day you know it is going to be right, or the water levels will be too low the next day after. In this case, it seems like the only possible window to catch a chromer on the west side of the cascades near Portland; since Tuesday may bring an inch or two of rain again. Let's hope this predicted storm fizzles out.....
Small Creek Steelheading From A Stormy Time in 2011

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  1. Your photo looks far too similar to my own recent experience with one major difference! You appear to be doing it right and got a fish close enough to actually photograph! My pre-novice fly fishing exploits have been less than successful to date but no less fun. LOL