Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quick 3/2/2012 Fishing Report - Gorgeous Winter Steelhead Buck

Lots of huge airs, runs, and sheer power......
Winter Steelhead Money Shot
Rose Colored Cheeks on this Wild Buck
Trout Beads Work Like a Charm
Winter Steelhead Admiration

Clothes-lined to a winter steelhead.....

This winter steelhead gets a 10 for the arch....

You can see the rainbow red stripe on this steelhead

Nice arch for this air! Kurplunk is about to happen.....
Popping an air! - After I thought I was about to land it!
Stay tuned for this fish on video......


  1. NIcce Colors! Brian from orion

  2. beautiful fish! the tug is the drug man.. gotta love winter steel. im after my first on the fly friday hopefully i dont get the hook spit in my face for the 6th time

    Tight lines,


  3. Nice fish!! No video on this trip?