Friday, April 27, 2012

Fundamentals of Successful Nymphing Seminar at Portland Orvis 4/28/12 10AM

This Saturday April 28th at 10am I will be doing a seminar at the Portland Orvis Store on Fundamentals for Successful Nymphing. 
The seminar will be part of the Spring Orvis Days 2012, and there will be lots of other things going on as well. 
Golden Stonefly Nymph caught the attention of this fine rainbow trout....
 My seminar will cover how to cover a variety of nymphing situations to enable you to fly fish subsurface more successfully. I will have nymph rigs to show, and also I will explain the types of water to be fishing them in. This is mainly a seminar on techniques that "I use" for nymphing on rivers and stillwater for fish species. There are many forms of nymphing people use, but I am going to show the techniques that I have experience in. I do not want to preach about the success of something if I have no experience ever doing it. An example of this would be that I have no experience on Czech Nymphing; so I will not be talking about it. Nor will I be covering wind drifting chironomids in lakes for trout, because I have no experience doing it ever. On the flip-side, I will be talking about nymphing a river like the McKenzie for trout, and then how to nymph fish the Crooked river when the trout holding water may be under 14" deep. Something else would be to discuss how to nymph for a species like smallmouth bass; since most people think of stripping streamers for them, but they do require a different form of nymphing compared to trout fishing in most situations. I hope to see people looking to learn about how to improve their "Nymphing Game" here on the Oregon local waters. 

Come by and check out the Portland Orvis Store this weekend for some great events!

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