Monday, May 14, 2012

Quick McKenzie Trout Report

I have been out guiding the past few days, and the fishing actually got better yesterday with the hot weather and sunshine. The key is the wind, and by that I mean that if it is windy, the fishing trends towards slower and tough. When the wind is light or non-existent, the fishing is steady to good. Yesterday, the fishing was very consistent at times, and fish were caught on swung wet flies, nymphing, and also with a dry fly and nymph dropper. The dry fly action has not really been good for the last few trips that I ran, but the hatches were also rather light. Yesterday, we saw a decent March Brown hatch, and it caused the fish to have interest in the surface for a short while. Water levels are looking really good lately, and hopefully they will stay at these nice levels for the remainder of the spring. Get yourself out there, and enjoy some trout fishing!
Tight Lines!!


  1. thanks for the great day on the water Brian,it was a blast,how did the bird eating my fly turn out on video hehe

  2. I did see that clip of video and the swallow eating the fly is looking good. Now I have to make the time to make a video of the day's events.