Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fishing Report From Last Week's Guided Trips

Last week was what I would call a successful week for fishing results. Between trout fishing and steelhead fishing, the action was there. Steelheading is at the point now where you can have at least one fish on with an opportunity to land per outing on average, and some days offer multiple hookups. When these early season summer steelhead are hooked, they often go bananas and the fight is totally out of control for the first minute or so. We have had two fish over the last several outings that more or less came right in, but that often is the deal with anadramous fish; where some are more tired than others.

Trout fishing on the McKenzie on the days with spotty rain showers was nothing short of stellar, and the other days offers consistent action and some very nice memorable fish. On two of the recent outings on the McKenzie, we literally lost count of the fish, and had no idea by lunchtime how many fish were on and landed. The Cutthroat fishing on the Willamette has been fair to good, with some days really shining and other days offering a fish here and there, but steady enough to keep things interesting. Fishing a dry fly and dropper nymph set up has been the hottest ticket on both the McKenzie and the Willamette. Swinging softhackled wets has also picked up some really nice large wild rainbows on the McKenzie lately with the clouds and spotty showers.

I am back off to run some more trips; so stay tuned for pics and video action some time next week. I am literally too bogged down right now to be able to post pics and videos, but I will get all the material sorted and edited soon. Stay tuned......

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