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Steelhead Fly Fishing Class: Coming Up Soon

Steelhead Fly Fishing Class
Steelhead Fly Fishing is something that every Portland area person should at least experience once. After that they might be hooked though, and I personally don't know how many anglers I would want out there crowding up our gorgeous rainforest rivers. Anyhow, steelhead rivers are plentiful around the PDX area, and in fact it is way easier to be a avid steelhead fly fisher compared to being an avid trout angler if you live near the Portland metro area. That is exactly why I drive to the McKenzie and upper Willamette to do my trout guiding. Anyhow, with the vast array of amazing steelhead waters to choose from, I feel that any fly fisher in the Portland metro area thinking about steelhead should definitely take it up.   
Steelhead caught on a dead drifted dry fly on the Clackamas River
On Saturday September 8th, 2012 I will be instructing a Steelhead Fly Fishing Class on the Clackamas River.

This will be a 4 hour "on the water" steelhead fly fishing class. It will not be a "Guided Fishing Trip" and you will most likely not catch a steelhead during this class (although it is possible); since the focus of it will be to teach you "all around fly fishing techniques for catching steelhead". The class will be about what equipment is used and why, several different techniques that are proven for catching steelhead, reading water for steelhead, and a whole lot more.....There will be demonstrations of these techniques on real pieces of steelhead water with steelhead that are actually out there. The purpose of the class is to teach you how to steelhead fly fish all on your own at any river. 6 people will be allowed into the class, and the main requirement is that you already know the basics of fly fishing.
Don't you want to learn how to get into fish like this steelhead on the swung wet fly....
You can consider this class a 301 Steelhead Fly Fishing Class; because in a 101 Fly Fishing you would be learning how to cast and tie knots. A 201 Fly Fishing Class would be some basic fly fishing techniques, and this 301 class is the next step after that. For anyone who is interested in steelhead fly fishing, and wants to know about fishing techniques, equipment to use, tippet strengths, fly choices, when to do what, and what to do when; then this is the class for you. We are going to learn about swinging wet flies, skating dry flies, dead drifting flies, single handed rod uses, spey rods and uses, switch rods and uses), reading water, cracking the myths, etc, etc....The class is designed so you can go on your own to a steelhead fishery, and you will know what to do while you are out there to fish properly for steelhead with a fly rod.
Learn how proficiently swing wet flies through likely steelhead spots
In this class, I will be doing demonstrations, and I will be picking class members to participate in them as well. I believe that seeing things in person helps a lot more than reading any book. It is live in motion and in real life speed. Timing is everything in steelheading and that is not something you see in books. You will be both watching demonstrations, and you will be participating in them too; so waders and wading shoes (studs really help) are necessary. Again-It is not a Steelhead Guided Fishing Trip, but you will be learning steelhead fly fishing techniques; so you can go out on your own and you can become a proficient steelhead fly fisher.
Learn how set up what flies and nymph; so fish like this chrome bright steelhead result

-Class Will Meet At the Lower Boat Ramp at McIver State Park (directions to be emailed to class participants).
-Class will run from 10am-2pm on September 8th (meet at 9:45am to get waders on and get ready for class to start at 10am)
 -Class costs $100 per person
-Students will have to have their own waders, boots, wading staff (if needed), sunglasses, license (appropriate tags), and rain jacket (if needed)
-I will supply equipment for the class, but I recommend that you bring a rod for steelhead fishing if you already have one.
-I will bring rods ranging from single handed 8wts, to switch rods and spey rods. This way everything can be tried out and you can see what may most interest you in your future steelheading adventures.
-a notepad and pen can be helpful for taking notes
-Class is limited to 6 Students (email or call to sign up - don't assume it is filled up)

If you are interesting in signing up for this class, email me at or call me at (541)232-6360.

This steelhead was caught Christmas Day of 2011 - What a gift!!!
Brian Marz Guided Fly Fishing  /

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