Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer Steelhead Report and Short Video

With recent weather patterns staying away from the "Heat Wave" factor, we have had better fishing conditions. Fishing has been fair typically with good moments, and it should be picking up as the fall comes closer. Days are noticeably getting shorter, and that means more shade on the water for longer, and lower light angles on the fish now. That should cause them to be less freaked out from predators like os, and the bite should consistently get better and better as time goes on. That is what happens this time of the year; where the fishing for both trout and steelhead really picks up over the next several weeks, and the best action of the year occurs between now and Halloween typically.  

After I landed this fine summer steelhead, it was time for "Go Ducks!!"
Recently on my guided trips we have been averaging at least one steelhead on the slower days, and having an occasional day where we will hook three to five fish and land about two or three. That should change when the weather pattens shift over to a more fall like weather trend; where you can expect several hooked fish days more consistently. The one fish landed days are semi standard for the hot and bright weather days; while those results would be slow for the typical outing in the latter half of September and through October. More often we have multiple steelhead days with fish biting on swung wet flies, than do we have the days where we struggle to land more than one fish once the fall weather sets in.
Bald Eagle hanging out in cottonwood on the banks of the Willamette River
The fall fishing is just around the corner and the best problem with the fall is that there are so many good fishing opportunities to try out; where it is hard to decide where and what you want to fish for. Between trout, steelhead, and fall salmon, there are too many good things to fish for!

Below is a short video clip to enoy!

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