Monday, September 17, 2012

The Hot Fall Trout Fishing Action Has Arrived

This last Monday (9/10/12) was the first day of solid clouds, cool weather, and even some misty spritz drizzle moments here and there. The fishing sure showed signs of the weather, as it was the first day it was utterly going off since the last weather like this back in late June and even early July. We fished huge dries with possie buggers dropped off of them, and that was the hot ticket on this day.  
On TIGHT to one of many fine wild native rainbows on this great day of fishing!
We also did very well swinging softhackled wet flies on a 45 degree down and across presentation. This especially worked well in the wide flats; where it looks probable just about everywhere. You could cover broad vast amounts of water swinging wets, and it is a great way to show your flies to lots of fish. They also typically cannot pass off a swung wet fly; since it looks like so many types of flies emerging in the surface film.
We measured this rainbow at 17 1/2 inches - Sweet!!
Every time the sun burned a hole in the clouds, the action would slow down, and when the cloud cover would thicken, the consistency of catching would pick back up. There was not really any significant bug hatch to speak of. We saw some pale morning duns and blue winged olives for the mayflies, with the occasional fall type of a large green drake looking fly out. No real caddis hatch, and no signs on the rocks of October caddis pupal husks yet, but that should change any moment now. I have heard people saying they have seen them, but I have not personally seen an official fall caddis yet. This day just had fish looking up, and they wanted to see something worth their while to eat on.
A fine rainbow trout on tight!
We had an awesome day of fall fishing; even though the calendar did not officially say it was fall yet. The weather was like the fall, and the fish were acting like it was fall for the first day after the summer heat. We have had more stable sunny weather as of late, but the light angles are lower, the heat only factors in at the peak of the day, and does not persist into the evening like it did a few weeks ago. Fall is basically here for fishing, and things will only get better and better. That is nice to think about being that the last few times I have been out have been really good. It excites me to think that it will only get better, and there will be more and more options to fish over the next few weeks.
Rainbows like this one were caught on large dry flies on this day
Discussing the good time we are having in between the hot spots

This was Jason's first time fly fishing, and he got to experience wild rainbows like this.

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