Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Winter Steelhead Class Date Being Offered By Popular Demand

With two classes filled up, and people emailing me and asking me about spots being open; I am going to offer one more date. This February 3, 2012 there will be another WINTER STEELHEAD FLY FISHING CLASS. The backup date will be one week later on 2/10/12 in case it rains too much, and water levels rise up too high for the class.
Landing a nice chrome bright salty fresh winter steelhead
 The class will be exactly the same format as the two class dates (Jan 5th or Jan 6th) listed previously on the blog. For more detailed information click here to learn more about the WINTER STEELHEAD FLY FISHING CLASS. 

Four people will be allowed in the class, and one person is signed up already; so three spots are left. Sign up now! A wonderful holiday gift idea if you have a fly fisher to shop for!!

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