Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Steelhead Update & Video - Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Clips: 2012 Season

One of many possible winter steelhead streams in the Oregon coast mountain range
Recently with all of the rains and swollen rivers, I know I have come down with a case of cabin fever. I have been working too much inside, and fishing too little. The days I have been out fishing have not been as good as they could be; since I have not been lining up being there at the best of conditions. Now I have two days off in a row, and the rivers are swelling up as I write this entry. Fish counts are good for the hatchery runs so far (higher numbers than last year at one hatchery when I asked), and wild fish have been recorded upstream in fish traps that separate native stocks to run up farther while weeding out the genetically contaminating hatchery stocks. Winter steelhead season is here, and it is in full swing now, but we have to wait for the weather part of the equation to cooperate now. Whatever you choose to fish, whether it be the Clackamas, the Sandy, The Wilson, North Fork Nehalem, The Nestucca, North Fork Alsea, Gnat Creek, Siletz, etc, you can count on healthy numbers of winter steelhead being throughout the systems. Now it is just being at the right place at the right time in order to increase your odds of having good success out there for these fresh running winter steelhead.

Most of the above video is filmed on coastal streams west of Portland Oregon. Most of the steelhead are wild in this video, and they were treated with the utmost respect. All of the wild fish were released completely unharmed, while hatchery fish may have been treated otherwise. There are a few hatchery winter steelhead in this video, but you will mainly see nice fish with adipose fins that are intact. For the most part this is video shows you some of the best wild steelhead moments that happened to be on video for the season. Fishing in this video is everything from fun fishing with friends to clips of clients getting in on the action with chrome bright winter steelhead while on guided trips. Be in store for some epic winter steelheading! This video will make you drool on the rainy days when you cannot get out and go fishing.

Tight Lines!

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