Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Salmon Video - Check this One Out - Fly Fishing for Fall Chinook

This is a video I made several day back from a trip I took with my good buddy Ethan Nickel (owner of Ethan Nickel Outfitters) and friend Alia Hjorth (also Ethan's Fiance) in the fall of 2011. So this is not a current fishing report at all, but a video for you to sit back and enjoy of some really killer fishing we experienced.

We were targeting Fall Chinook Salmon coming right out of the tidewater. Fishing was pretty good out there, with several fish hooked up both days we fished. We were fishing with the standard Chinook Salmon tidewater outfits, with 10wts rigged with intermediate running lines and 28' shooting heads ranging from intermediate to Type II in density. We fished long leaders with 20# Mirage tippet and Clousers Minnows dressed with saltwater hooks and lighter dumbell eyes. You would cast out, count down while your fy line sank down, and then slowly stripped (long pulls more than strips) your line back. Every once in a while you would get a devastatingly crushing take, and it was fish on!! It was a blast out there!

Check out this video below:

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