Thursday, February 21, 2013

FF301 - Rockfish/Lingcod Seminar

Fly fishing off of the rocks in the Pacific Northwest can be very exciting, and it is a totally untapped fishery for the fly fisher seeking out an alternative to the standard trout/steelhead/salmon game. You can hook fish after fish at times, and you will often be the only person out there. Some locations offer fishing where you have no idea what fish may bite your fly next. It may be a Black Rockfish, a Quillback Rockfish, a Lingcod, etc...

Checking out a Black Rockfish caught off of a jetty
You may be wondering how do I even start to target any of those fish on my fly rod? Well this FF301 is designed to show you how to fly fish for "bottom fish" in the Pacific Northwest. It is a class, and not a guided fishing trip; so make sure before you sign up that you understand that we are not going on a guided fishing trip in the saltwater. This will be a class with 5 students, and we will be out there in waders learning how to bottom fish on our own for future outings. We will be learning how to fish for these rockfish and lingcod with our fly rods, and catching them will only be a byproduct of the demonstrations, and people learning the techniques properly. We will be fishing a lot in the class, and fish should be caught, but the point of this class is to be able to target these fish species with the right fly lines, flies, and techniques all on your own.
 -My goal is to have the class participants to be able to tell me how they are successfully catching "bottom fish" on their own after they have taken the class.

Date:  Saturday March 16th  (alternate date Saturday April 6th 7:30am-12pm - If really severe weather strikes for original scheduled date)

Time:  2:15pm-6:45pm

Location: Tillamook Bay area or Netarts Bay area (to be determined according to conditions when class date arrives) - Both are similar in driving time.

Cost:   $75 per person - 5 people will be in the class

Equipment Needed:
The Basics:  Waders and Sturdy wading shoes with studs, polarized sunglasses, raingear for the elements, Oregon fishing License
Rod/Reel: A saltwater 7wt at the minimum all the way to a 10wt saltwater rod will work with a saltwater reel to match the rod. Fly lines for the class and future rockfishing trips are specialized shooting heads; so inquire about what you will need if you are serious about taking the class, and plan on doing saltwater rockfishing in the future. The same fly lines can be used for tidewater salmon fly fishing; so there are more uses for the shooting heads than just rockfish and lingcod.
-I do have some extra gear; so inquire if you are interested but lack the rod/reel to take the class. Switch rods will work for this fishing too. Ask again if you are interested, and have equipment questions. 
Flies:  The class will include several flies per person, but you may also want to pick up some flies for your own experimentation as well. If you are interested in tying up some flies for the class, or buying any to try out, then email me, and I can provide a list of some options to try out.

If you are interested in taking the class; email me at or call (541)-232-6360. 

A nice hefty Black Rockfish caught on the first cast of the day.....

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