Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pacfic Fishery Management Council (PFMC) released its Fishery Ecosystem Plan (FEP)

The Pacfic Fishery Management Council (PFMC) finally released its Fishery Ecosystem Plan (FEP) and accompanying appendix of concrete ecosystem initiatives late 2-14-2013. There is a web feature with Pew's video animation on their website, which just went live today. It’s also on their YouTube page here. Pew will release an action alert today calling on people to ask the council to adopt the plan in April and move expeditiously to its first initiative -- extending management protection to vulnerable species of forage fish

Please get involved with this issue!! The basis of all food chains in the marine ecosystems are aquatic plants and forage fish, and with declining populations of forage fish; you can only imagine what is going to be the end effect of the predatory fish that rely on these forage fish.

Please get involved by at least spreading the word. A little thing you can do is to copy and paste the codes below into your favorite social media networking websites like Facebook or Twitter, and word can spread like wildfire

For the video:
Tweet: ANIMATION: Little #forage fish are a big deal. Learn why we need to protect these small creatures to ensure ecosystem health.
Facebook: It’s time to take a minute to think about the bottom of the food chain. Learn about the little fish that iconic creatures like whales and tuna depend on for survival, and why it’s so important to protect them.

For the action alert:
Tweet: #CA, #OR, #WA & #ID residents: Take action to protect the #forage fish of the Pacific Ocean!
Facebook: If you live in California, Oregon, Washington, or Idaho, you can make a difference to the Pacific marine ecosystem. Take action today to protect forage fish!

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