Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winter Steelhead Action Close to PDX

Normally I tend to do my winter steelheading towards the coast, and I just prefer to fish over there. Here and there you have the days where you are at home taking care of errands, but you are itching to get out and at least wet a line. I was fortunate enough yesterday (2-6-13) to squeak out for a little while to try out a new Skagit Switch head I got for a 7wt rod. I worked a nice run from about the halfway point towards the tailout, and then the line came tight. After a long intense battle with several blistering runs, and one long upstream run the bright bodied steelhead yielded itself toward the bank. The fish was caught with 10' of T-14 sinking tip, and a black and blue creation I whipped up at the tying bench.
Keeping cozy in the rain....
Go Ducks!! Always a sucker for that green helmet!
Lets tango with blue and black
Nice deep bodied male winter steelhead
Tight Lines!!!

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