Monday, June 10, 2013

2013 Deschutes River Salmonfly/Stonefly Hatch Photo-essay

These are pictures from the trip I took with my good friend Brian Morris from May 27th through May 30th.
Starting boat ramp - Trout Creek 
Brian Morris and I getting started on our 4 day voyage
Still pounding stonefly dries near the banks regardless of the rain. Fish are keyed in!
The Chubby Chernobyl in golden was the top producer on this trip overall
Chubby Chernobyl pinned into this rainbow's grill
Rain or sunshine - the fish were pounding on the dries
Quite a large tail on this Deschutes Rainbow trout
Chubby Chernobyl in golden was a common thing to see in the jaws of a trout
Lots of nice "two hander" slabs were being caught on this trip to the Deschutes
Rainbows in the water and rainbow in the sky too....
The weather was looking better and better for day one - sun setting at camp
The sleeping quarters of Mr. Morris - Morning 2
Hard boiled eggs, bagels with cream cheese, coffee with cream & sugar....
The weather on the start of the second day....not raining......
This rainbow fell to a size 18 copper john in red
The salmonfly hitching a ride on the rod holder of the boat
Golden stonefly on the table at camp spot of day number 2
The stones were all over the place and crawling on everything at the second day's camp
Two golden stones attempting to cross breed with a salmonfly
My Orvis Superfine Touch along with Morris's Scott G and A3 Rods
Golden Stones in the brush of the banks - Deschutes River
The brush had golden stones just about everywhere you looked
Nice close up detailed look of an adult golden stonefly
Weather was sunny and warm after we got all dialed into our second day's camp

Panoramic view of the second days camp area
Looking at the water from our second day's camping spot
Two golden stones hanging out on the stove cover bag
Some Deschutes River desert Lupine
View along with the third morning's weather vibe
Looking opposite direction downriver the same moment as the picture above
Fish on right before we move downriver and leave our second camp spot
Chunky healthy bow that took the "Jimmy Legs" in coffee and black
View looking downriver on day three of the float. It was the windiest and coolest day of the trip.
Working the inside edge of a drop off riffle
Removing the flies and preparing for release of this Deschutes rainbow trout
Nice red coloration on this fine Deschutes River Rainbow Trout
Fishing a spot in the morning before we ran into our good friend Kyle
Every bend you come around has gorgeous views of cliffs, water, and Magritte skies
The Norm Woods Special was working very well in the slower water spots
On tight to a hard fighting fish at the third camp spot's water
Not bad catching fish like this right out in front of your camp - Third evening
Chewing on a Chubby Chernobyl Dry Fly
The very next cast after releasing the fish in the above picture resulted in this.
View from camp on our last morning - sunny, calm, and nice !!
Cool lighting made me want to snap this picture of Morris, and it turned out to be a cool pic.
One stellar day on the Deschutes River fishing the famous stonefly hatch
Morris admiring this fine Deschutes River Rainbow
Re-rigging another stonefly dry pattern to use.....
Lots of caddis were starting to show up on the fourth day.....
More caddis coming off the water in certain spots.....
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