Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Short Fish Story, But a Good One!

On Saturday while guiding for trout:
About the third cast of the day after giving two beginners a total introduction to the techniques and a quick casting lesson, I see my client's rod really fold over with a deep sturdy bend. I rigged up his rod with a double wet fly rig; where there was a yellow #14 softhackle with a #10 green wired softhackle dropped off the leader a few feet up. I had the guy swinging the flies down and across with a classic wet fly swing. I assume he either has a huge rainbow or a double with two little fish on at the same time (which happens at least once a day typically). A rainbow jumps out of the water letting me know there is a double by the way it jumps, and then I see a bright giant chrome bright steelhead come into view in the bottom fly.
A steelhead and rainbow trout double!!!

I freaked out and tried to coach him, but the line came loose. The hook that was in the steelhead was broken and the rainbow long distance released itself.

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  1. Brian, That was the most memorable fishing trip I ever had. I thought you were about to jump out of your shoes. It's a STEELHEAD! It's a STEELHEAD!! It was great fishing trip and we caught dozens of trout that day. Thanks for being a great guide and host.