Saturday, August 3, 2013

McKenzie River Mid Summer Trout Fishing Report

Recently we had a bit of cloud cover for a couple of days, and the fishing was really good during that time. It is amazing how silly the fishing can be when there are clouds with little bits of drizzle occurring during the summer months. Here are some pics and a short video from the cloud cover days on the river recently....
Fishing with a dry fly and dropper nymph takes hook setting when the dry fly dunks under - Success!!
Nice catch for someone who is out on his first day ever fly fishing for trout and doing it all on his own.
On tight to a nice "Redside" on the McKenzie River

McKenzie River feisty little 13" rainbows like this will pull line from your reel on your 5wt.
The Possie Bugger Nymph caught at least 90% of the trout on the last several days out.
Sun peeking through during a day where cloud cover dominated & the trout fishing was hot.
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