Thursday, December 19, 2013

Recent Fishing Pictures (Salmon & Winter Steelhead)

Sorry for the lack of entries for the last few weeks. I have been fishing on my days off and it has been good out there. Here are some pics from the last couple of outings I had fishing with friends. One day was from winter steelheading on 12/18 with my friends Ethan Nickel and Scott Nelson. The other days were from fall Chinook Salmon fishing on 12/9 & 12/10 with my friends Ethan Nickel and Brandon Bischof. Both fishing adventures were very worth while; especially since it was during the cold spell for the salmon fishing, and during a low water spell with cold weather for the steelheading.
Scott with a fish that really ripped off some line on the grab, and fought a long hard battle.
Ethan displaying Scott's first landed winter steelhead of the day; which took a deeply swung black and red pattern.
My first official winter landed winter steelhead of the 2013/14 season. Woo Hoo!!
The fins underwater on this fish show how super salty fresh this winter steelhead is....
Winter steelhead love holding in deep green bedrock slots like this one
This chromer made my fly line zig zag all around the pool while running all over the place
A prime example of a super salty fresh chrome bright native wild winter steelhead
10wt rods ready for fall Chinook Salmon
Much better than being home in the icy cold weather that struck western Oregon's valley areas....
Ethan admiring the first landed fall Chinook of the day
Clouser minnows are the go to fly for tide-runner fall Chinook
Ethan on tight to a nice salty fresh chromer on the second day of fishing
Brandon sipping some warm tea while Ethan & this Chinook have an enduring battle.
Ethan wearing out this salmon, but the salmon is not giving in easily....
Or is the salmon wearing out Ethan.......
Well it looks like Ethan won this battle with the salmon, and the Clouser minnow was the culprit again.
Hoisting up this gorgeous fall Chinook salmon; so we could check it out and admire it....
Catching fish like this when everyone is dealing with a cold snap is certainly the way to go......
The little make Chinook fought hard and put some serious bend into the 10wt Helios2.
Another fall Chinook that decided to attack the Clouser Minnow.
Ethan was surprised when this fish took the stripped clouser, cartwheeled airs, and turned out to be a winter steelhead.

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