Friday, January 31, 2014

Winter Steelhead Quick Report and Pics

All of the low water from a recent drought in western Oregon has made many anglers feel a loss of chrome mojo. Luckily that dry weather pattern during the rainy season has ended (at least temporarily). We had a nice system pass through, and it raised many of the coastal rivers to levels where the fishing has been good for the last few days, and should remain good until the rivers bottom out again, or we get another system to freshen the water back again. The good news is that the rains brought fish in, and the fishing has been good out there. The best news was that I was rewarded with the largest winter steelhead I have caught thus far, and it gave the hardest battle possible before I managed to somehow land it. Get yourself out there and hunt for some chrome!!!
Ryan landing his first steelhead on his new switch rod.....
Ryan showing off his first steelhead caught......
This awesome buck tore me to shreds in the most hardcore battle possible. Feeling the rewards!!
Sea Run Cutts were incidentally eating the trout beads, and would set off a false steelhead bite alarm!
What a chrome "egg wagon" of a steelhead!
Setting this hen steelhead off to complete her mission......

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