Sunday, February 9, 2014

Trophy Winter Steelhead Video

When I was out on January 30th, I lucked out and landed the biggest steelhead to hand so far. I have tussled with fish like this, but something always went wrong causing the fish to not physically get landed. The other fish I have seen of this caliber are fish that clients hooked up with on guided trips; so my time for a trophy steelhead of a lifetime was due. This time, all of the forces came together, and I finally landed my trophy steelhead. The video is long, but I did edit a lot of the battle, and some "excited in the heat of the moment" foul language. I kept much of the fight because you can really see what this fish caused me to go through while battling it. Between running upstream and catching my fly line around a rock in the rapids, to getting stuck on a underwater set of branches, enduring a stalemate in a tailout, to just flat out whooping my butt; this big bad mean winter steelhead really was an amazing experience. The video is edited between the "point of view" perspective on a GoPro camera flipping back to another "view point" with a hand held camera of me fighting the fish. The time is meshed back and forth; so you can feel most of the battle. I hope you enjoy the video!

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