Sunday, October 12, 2014

Don't Forget the Summer Steelhead Action Heats Up In the Fall

Many people in Oregon think that you can only have good steelheading at the Deschutes in the fall. If you are into fishing in a setting that will have less anglers than the reputation of the mighty D, then try a river anywhere from the Clackamas all the way down to the Rogue. They all have summer steelhead, and the valley rivers like the North Santiam, South Santiam, the Middle Fork Willamette, "The Town Run" Willamette, and the McKenzie all can provide steelhead action that would pleasantly shock a Deschutes steelhead angler (The McKenzie and upper Middle Fork Willamette also prove that way for trout too). Most PDXers don't even think the Clackamas fishes for steelhead after the summer is over, and summer steelhead don't even spawn until the following January through March (same time as the winter fish, but a bit on the earlier side). The North Umpqua and Rogue are some of the best and most beautiful summer steelhead rivers in the world, and they both can go off in the fall. My point is to let everyone know that there is lots of awesome fishing for summer steelhead to be had over the next several weeks, and whether you decide to hit the Deschutes, McKenzie, or the Rogue, they will all be fishing with awesome fall conditions.

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