Monday, November 17, 2014

Chinook Salmon Photo Essay - Fall 2014

The first hookup took some deciphering of what shooting head (sink rate) and fly (color,size, & weight) to use. The water conditions were coming off of blown out and brown to becoming pea soup green and fishable.
It is really a special place to catch a salmon while in sight of the ocean's breaking waves.
A smaller Chinook coming in for a landing.....
Small and fat for a Chinook. This fin-clipped fish is top notch table fare.
Admiring this fine fish and its proximity to the ocean.....
A hard fighting fish that didn't want to yield after a long battle.
It looks like the Chinook was the winner this time......It managed to unpin itself moments later.
Waves crashing give the air a salty feel.....
 Sitka Spruces can have some wild shapes which make you think about what the winds can get like.
It took a little while to figure out where the exact sweet spot in the hole was, due to swollen and faster flows from the rain two days prior.
Changing the shooting head to something with a faster sink rate did the trick; resulting in a hookup with a hard fighting Chinook Salmon. I decided to change shooting heads after not having a hookup for the first two hours because I felt like my fly was not staying in the strike zone long enough. I did change my fly several times before changing the shooting head; so make sure you cover both variables when you are not hooking up, and you know you are fishing in a spot where fish are present. 
Swish swish coming in for a landing......
Yet I am trying really hard not to get landed....Swish Swish!!!
This Chinook fresh from the salt is battling hard to the last possible moment.
Tailed and subdued.....What a snow belly!
A super fine chrome bright Chinook Salmon
Thinking about how hard this fish beat me down during the battle. It was worth every moment!!

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  1. Looks like yor fall was a success! Now on to Spring. Tight Lines!