Friday, November 7, 2014

Random Fly Fishing Pics

Here are some random fly fishing pics to check out......
No Subject matter for this entry, but it is just a random bunch of fly fishing pics to enjoy.

Moving from paradise to paradise....
Columbia River warm weather fishing time....
Rapids mean steelhead may need to rest and hang out in the tailout above....
Crooked River fish like the Zebra Midge
Crooked River fish love all sorts of subsurface patterns with a little flash, like lightning bugs.
Close proximity to a killer lower Deschutes steelhead spot.....
Lower Deschutes River steelhead - Fish On!!
Lower Deschutes River sunset in the canyon....
Reverting to my childhood with a crappie....Fun times!
A chunkier bluegill like this is a really strong fish on light fly tackle, & this place has lots of them like this.
McKenzie River Rainbow
Tight to a fast running McKenzie River rainbow....
Bitterroot River Rainbow fell to this Jimmy Legs
Bitterroot River Brown fell to this Royal Chubby
An awesome name for an angler's brew....
Guess where? Yes it is awesome with nice rainbows and bulls.
An O-Brown
Too classic with a CFO reel, Superfine Touch rod, and a super sweet brown trout,

My wife's playing around with the camera can produce some cool effects - Owyhee River
Crooked River - Camera special effects done by my wife Nikki
Rockfish can't help themselves from a white Clouser Minnow
It looks crowded, and it is. It gets much more busy than this, and it can be well worth it.
Springtime winter steelheading......
Some chrome where it looks cold it is so bright!
Not a bad catching a sweet rainbow while instructing a class with predicted 100 degree weather.
Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout
Nikki's first Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout
After the first Yellowstone Cutt, it was one after another for Nikki.

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