Thursday, January 8, 2015

Winter Steelhead Update

Well this season we have good runs of winter steelhead in many of the coastal and inland PDX area rivers, and I have also heard that runs are looking good on rivers like the Siuslaw and Umpqua systems as well. The challenge I have had this season is lining up the river levels on my days off. So far I have only fished swollen high water and skinny clear low water, but I have not been out on a day where the conditions were "spot on" to my liking. Yet when you have a day to fish, you should go fishing because you can't catch steelhead sitting on the couch speculating when you should go.

Below is a little photo essay on some recent winter steelhead outings:

Brian Morris tight to a high water winter steelhead
Brian Morris with a colored up buck that fought rather well before yielding to his hand for a quick pic. 
Swinging a run fading into a tailout
Nikki running an egg pattern through a slot between the bedrock boulders
Swollen water and fading into steelhead green; just the conditions I like!
Stereotypical Oregon scenery
This tailout didn't produce a fish on this day, but it has pumped out winter steelhead in the past.
Admiring the rod on the moss while having a sandwich break.
One of the fish that I caught on my last outing. Luckily a guy passing asked me if I wanted a pic while I was landing it.

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