Sunday, February 1, 2015

Short Video of a Winter Steelhead Cast, Swing, Grab, and Run

Here was a fun fish I tied into on the first spot of the day fishing this past Friday 1/30/15. I made a short little video of the cast, swing, grab, and starting run from the fish. It was a small fish, but any steelhead on the swing is a great one. I had some more action in another spot also, but my factory welded loop on my sinking tip was looking old and about to budge. I was lazy and never repaired it with a couple of nail knots or a braided loop, and it cost me my second fish. The fish grabbed super hard, and then it ran off. Suddenly my Skagit Head flew back at me, with no piece of T-11 with my black and blue wet fly looped off of it anymore. Poor fish was left with 8' of T-11 sinking tip and a wet fly in its lip. This day I only fished a three spots, and hooked up with two fish swinging. Makes me wonder what it could have been like if I had fished really hard that day. Fishing has been very good this winter on many of Oregon's coastal rivers this season so far. Enjoy the little film clip. I suggest watching the video on Full Screen Mode, and adjust the resolution on YouTube to the highest HD setting possible for your computer. That way you can see the fly line tighten up for the "grab" better. I hope it pumps you up to get out there and enjoy the river!

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