Thursday, February 5, 2015

March Brown Softhackled Wet Fly - Fly Tying Video

Here is a really easy fly to tie that also catches lots of trout on the lower McKenzie and Upper Willamette Rivers for much or March, April, and ending in early May. You can give this fly the classic wet fly swing, or you can fish off of a dry fly (dry and dropper). It is typically much more productive for fish catching compared to the dry fly patterns that mimic this large spring hatching mayfly.

Materials List:
Thread: Orvis Tan 6/0
Collar Hackle: Partridge feather - natural

March Brown Softhackled Wet Fly

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  1. Nice fly Brian, super simple and I love the filoplume trick. One note, wear a solid color shirt and it'll be easier to focus, That couple of zippers running vertically were distracting. FWIW...