Monday, March 30, 2015

Tying a Simple Rubber Legged Stone Nymph

Stoneflies are super common in many rivers, and they can live for up to two to three years depending on the specific species. Due to that they are always in the water that they live in as a nymph (underwater aquatic insect). This time of the year, and running into the next several weeks, these stonefly nymphs migrate towards the banks and exposed areas so they can crawl out onto dry land to hatch into their flying adult form. There are many representations of stonefly nymphs, and as many experienced fly anglers know, the more basic and simple versions with rubber legs often fish the best and are super productive. Below is a video on how to tie a simple rubber legged stonefly nymph.

Materials: Make sure you look at some color combos for black stones, golden stones, and a few other types to get an idea of good color combinations. They are also very good for steelhead (summer run especially); so those can have a little more glitz and pizazz if you want to tie them that way. 

Hook: Bead Head Nymph Hook
Thread: 3/0 Orvis Thread
Body Material: Orvis Chenille or Orvis New Age Chenille
Weight: Orvis Lead Free Wire (size per fly size and how heavy you want it to be)
Ribbing: Ultra Wire
Legs: Orvis Silicone Legs or Orvis Silicone Flutter Legs

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