Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Alaska Vacation Fishing Pics - Montana Creek Short Session

A couple of weeks back, my wife Nikki and I took our vacation in Alaska; so we could visit my sister, brother-in-law, and my nephew. Nikki and I took a trip to Denali park, and detoured for a little while at Montana Creek to fish for Rainbow Trout and Arctic Grayling. We fished a short session because our main goal was to head to Denali, but we had a lot of fun and both knocked off another species on the bucket list with Grayling added to the list. It was really beautiful out there, and we caught lots of fish. Here are some pics of our Montana Creek expedition.....
My first caught Arctic Grayling
Montana Creek has crystal clear icy cold water.
Nikki casting into a probable pool
Watching the dry fly drift down the pool for a riser.....
Landing a Grayling.....
Nikki's first Arctic Grayling
Appreciating the sail fin on the Grayling
Sending the fish back off....
Landing a feisty rainbow
Nikki was getting a Grayling on every few casts.
Nikki was getting into the Grayling very consistently on a "Film Critic" dry fly.
Bye bye Grayling!
Scoping another pool upstream....
Low water forced the fish to be in little pockets.
A Sculpzilla was the fly I enjoyed to fish for the rainbows on this session.
Looks quite similar to many freestone streams back at home in Oregon or the Rockies.
You don't have to go far to see this in Alaska during the long days of summertime.
Rainbows up to 25" exist in Montana Creek, but we averaged fish around this size.
Stay tuned for a post on the beach fishing at Resurrection Bay near Seward later on during our trip. It was very interesting fishing, and when I have some free time I will post an entry up showing what the fishing was like that I experienced out there.

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