Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing Trip

Every year a good friend Ethan Nickel, who is also an excellent guide (Ethan Nickel Outfitters), and I attempt to go on a fall salmon fishing trip. The challenge is lining up our busy schedules with river levels and fish running. Typically we get into fish whenever we go, but this year we roped them hard for an entire day. We had such hot action where we just fished away, and barely were able to stop to eat our lunch and have a drink. Here are a few pics from the day, when we stopped to take a break from the action.....
Ethan hooked up with fish on his first two casts of the day. Not a bad way to start the day!
Admiring this hatchery hen and battle she gave before removing her from the gene pool.......
A Great Egret was fishing away.....
This handsome buck took the Clouser Minnow on a down and across swing.
This hatchery hen will make some amazing smoked salmon to enjoy over the winter.
Ethan and I started early and ended late for an awesome day of fishing.

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