This page is a pile of fly fishing pictures from me fishing for fun or guided fly fishing trips outside of Portland Oregon to Eugene Oregon. Some pictures are from days out fishing for fun, while other pictures are of clients out on guide trips ranging from trout, steelhead, salmon, and smallmouth bass on rivers like the Clackamas, Sandy, North Fork Nehalem, Wilson, Trask, Nehalem, Deschutes, McKenzie, Willamette, and some stillwater fisheries.
This page will be getting more and more fish pics as time spans on. Lots of fish porn pictures to look at.....

Umpqua Smallmouth Bass

Lower Deschutes Redside

High Lakes Brook Trout

Smallmouth Bass

Checking out the huge dorsal fin of this large carp

Oregon North Coast Winter Steelhead

Admiring this carp caught on grassy flats

What a paint job on this panfish

Columbia River carp love this fly pattern

Willamette River Coastal Cutthroat Trout

Checking out this McKenzie Summer Steelhead caught in the fall...

Dec Hogan bombing off a nice cast....

Angler proudly displaying his first McKenzie Steelhead

Fall is a time for multiple fish steelheading days on the McKenzie River

Umpqua River Smallmouth Bass

McKenzie River Steelhead caught after first fall freshet

Amy Hogan launching off a beautiful cast....

Brian Morris proudly displaying this hot McKenzie River summer steelhead

Steelhead Stonefly nymph pinned in the jaws of this McKenzie River Steelhead

Owyhee River Brown Trout

This Owyhee River Brown trout fell for a "bubble top" nymph

Owyhee River Brown Trout

Chrome bright north coast winter steelhead

This native winter steelhead fell to a presented "trout bead"

Picture perfect hen chromer steelhead caught on a Oregon Coastal River

Winter Steelhead Buck displaying his colors

Notice the broken rod with this huge smallmouth bass....

What a smallie!

Carp caught in a back water slough....

Unveiling the catch....

Thee new 2012 custom cataraft for added access to rivers...

Fishing a small north coast creek after a large storm

Wild male steelhead

Native wild winter steelhead - North Coast Stream

Golden Stones


On Tight - Deschutes River

"Chubby Norm" fooled this Deschutes Rainbow

Carp Have Some Fancy Scales!

Large Springtime Carp Near Portland Oregon

Jerome with First Winter Steelhead in Oregon

Nice Boulders for Winter Steelhead

Ice Cold Winter Steelheading Near Portland Oregon

Guiding Winter Steelhead at North Fork Nehalem River

North Fork Nehalem - Near the fish hatchery

A fine Deschutes Rainbow Trout

Holding Nice Umpqua Smallmouth Bass

A Handsome Umpqua River Smallmouth Bass

 Bluefin Trevally - Flats Fishing Oahu

Southern Oregon Coast Winter Steelhead

Alsea River Steelhead - Caught on First Cast of the Day!

Southern Oregon Coastal Winter Steelhead Stream

Sandy River Coho Salmon

Sacramento Delta Striped Bass

Clackamas Steelhead

Lower Deschutes Bull Trout

South Coast Fall Chinook

Steelhead Admiration - Willamette River

Unhooking a Coho Salmon

Wet Wading on Middle Fork Willamette River

Foward Casting Stroke - Middle Fork Willamette

Lake Creek Coho - Incidental Catch

McKenzie Steelhead

Deschutes Trout Taken on Norm Woods Special

PMD Pattern Stuck in Rainbow's Grill

Hefty Middle Fork Willamette Rainbow

Alsea River Steelhead - Caught on 1st Cast

Deschutes Rainbow

Willamette River Steelhead

Lower McKenzie River

Fall Chinook - Central Oregon Coast

Fat Fall Chinook

Carp have some awesome scale patterns

July Summer Steelhead McKenzie River

Lower McKenzie Redside

Stoked on 1st Steelhead - Willamette River

North Fork Alsea River Winter Steelhead

South Coast Winter Steelhead

Tidewater Fall Chinook

Tidewater Fall Chinook

Landing Summer Steelhead - October McKenzie River

Presenting a fly to carp in grassy flats

South Coast Fall Chinook

South Coast Fall Chinook Salmon

Cutthroat taken on Muddler Minnow

Mr. Wiggles took this Smallie

Smallmouth Bliss...

Common Carp Sauvie Island

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